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Witness at Elizabeth Stride's inquest.

Born Jacob Rombro in 1859 in Podolia, Russia. After fleeing the pogroms of 1881 he spent some time in Paris before coming to London and changing his name. Editor of Arbeter Fraint ('Worker's Friend') which was published from premises located in Dutfield's Yard behind the International Working Men's Educational Club at 40 Berner Street.

In his testimony, he stated that he had been in the back room of the club from 9.00pm, 29th September 1888, until a club member told him that there had been a murder in the yard. He had heard no cry or scream, but had there been one, he was not sure if he would have heard it owing to the singing in the room upstairs.

He went into the yard and saw several club members around Stride's body, all of whom he recognised. He then went out onto Berner Street to look for a policeman. He did not see the face of the murdered woman, but was later searched by the police.[1]

Krantz emigrated to America in 1889 where he became editor of Arbeter Zeitung.[2]


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