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Sergeant Timm Nicholaus Kuhrt.

Born 1846 in Holstein, Germany. Married in 1880[1] to Annie (b.1854) with five children.[2]

Sergeant Kuhrt, along with Sergeant Record caught up with John McCormack following the murder of Alice McKenzie on 17th July 1889 and were able to make an account of his movements that evening.[3]

Kuhrt also wrote a report on inquiries made regarding James Sadler and Frances Coles. With obvious reference to the Alice McKenzie murder, Sadler's movements between the 16th and 20th July 1889 were unsuccessfully logged, it not being certain if he was absent from his lodgings in East Smithfield on the nights in question.

This report also mentioned that Frances Coles was lodging at Wilmott's Lodging House, 18 Thrawl Street, in July 1889.[4]

Timm Kuhrt and his family later settled at Langdon Hills, Essex. In 1901 he was living there with his wife and youngest daughter and he was listed as a Police Pensioner.[5]


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