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Harry (or Henry) Harris (b. c. 1843).

Witness who, with Joseph Lawende and Joseph Hyam Levy, saw a man and woman standing at the corner of Duke Street and Church Passage, leading to Mitre Square, at about 1.35 a.m. on the morning of 30 September 1888, about ten minutes before the body of Catherine Eddowes was discovered in Mitre Square.

Unlike Lawende and Levy, Harris was not called as a witness at the inquest of Eddowes. On 9 October the Evening News reported an interview with Levy and Harris. Describing Harris as a "furniture dealer, of Castle street, Whitechapel", it said "Mr. Henry Harris, of the two gentlemen our representative interviewed, is the more communicative. He is of opinion that neither Mr. Levander nor Mr. Levy saw anything more than he did, and that was only the back of the man.".[1]


Born c. 1843, the son of Joseph Harris, furniture dealer (c. 1816-1896). Married Rebecca (probably Rebecca Harris, married in West London, 1866) (called Hubba in 1891). Harry, his father and his wife were all born in London. Living at Catherine Wheel Alley, Bishopsgate, in 1871, and at 18 Catherine Wheel Alley in 1881 (described in both entries as a general dealer). With father at 34 New Castle Street in 1891, and at the same address in 1901 (described in both entries as a furniture dealer). There is no indication that Harry Harris had any children.[2]


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