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Police Constable Henry Lamb, 252H.

Witness at Elizabeth Stride's inquest.

Born 1851. Joined Metropolitan Police in 1875 (warrant no.58824).[1]

Was on duty in Commercial Road at approximately 1.00am, 30th September 1888, when he saw two men running towards him; as he approached them they said "Come on! There has been another murder!" When asked where, they took him to the corner of Berner Street and pointed down the street. He ran down Berner Street, followed by PC Edward Collins.

PC Lamb went into the gateway of Dutfield's Yard and saw something lying on the right hand side. Turning on his lamp he saw it was the body of a woman and that her throat had been cut. He then sent Morris Eagle to fetch an inspector from Leman Street Police Station. At this point there was nobody standing within a yard of the body, but as Lamb examined it, several people bagan to move closer, brushing against him. He told everybody to keep back, lest they should get blood on them and subsequently into trouble later.

PC Lamb put his hand against Stride's face and found it warm, but when feeling her wrist, felt no pulse. He also added that her clothes were not rumpled and that she appeared to have been laid quietly down. He also had the gates closed and was assisted by Edward Spooner. They were able to close the gates without them touching Stride's body.

He said that Dr Frederick Blackwell arrived ten minutes after him.

After putting a constable on the gate so as not to allow anybody in or out of the yard, Lamb went into the club and starting from the front door, examined the premises. He looked in every room, including the one which had a stage, which he looked behind. He also used his lamp to examine the hands and clothing of the people in the club, looking for bloodstains. He also met Louis Diemschutz who had seemingly gone back to his usual business.

After examining the club, PC Lamb then went back into the yard and examined the cottages and water closets. All the occupiers of the cottages were in bed when he called and all were undressed save one. He also examined a recess in the yard, including the dung-heap and dustbin with Dr Phillips.

He remained in the yard for the remainder of the night and started to help convey the body to the mortuary, but was fetched back.[2]


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