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A tailor living in Dorset Street, he claimed to have known Mary Jane Kelly for five years. He saw her in the Horn of Plenty pub between 10.00 and 11.00pm, 8th November 1888, drinking with some women (one he knew as 'Julia') and a man named 'Dan', with whom Kelly had been living with until recently. He said she left with a respectably dressed man.

'Dan' in this case was most certainly Joseph Barnett, as Lewis knew him as somebody who worked at Billingsgate and Spitalfields Market.

At 8.00am the following morning, Lewis claimed to have seen Mary Kelly leave her room and return a few moments later[1]. Then, at 10.00am, he was playing 'pitch and toss' in 'McCarthy's Court' after which he and his companions went to the Britannia. There, Lewis was certain he saw Kelly drinking with some other people, but was not sure if a man was with them.[2]

Forty-five minutes later, Thomas Bowyer discovered Kelly's mutilated body in Miller's Court.

As with the claims of Caroline Maxwell, Maurice Lewis' statements are controversial as he apparently twice sees Kelly several hours after she was supposed to have been killed.


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