Cooley's Lodging House

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Common lodging house in Thrawl Street, Spitalfields, where Mary Jane Kelly was apparently living at the time she first met Joseph Barnett in April 1887.[1]

No trace of a 'Cooley' can be found in any Thrawl Street lodging house records, however Nos. 16-17, on the corner with George Street, were owned by John Cooney from 1881. Cooney was a prominent local lodging house keeper who also owned many notorious properties in Brick Lane, Flower and Dean Street (see Cooney's Lodging House), George Street, and Old Montague Street[2]. It is therefore likely that 'Cooley's' is a mishearing or misspelling of his name and that Kelly lived at 16-17 Thrawl Street when she first met Barnett.

The buildings would have been demolished to make way for Keate House which was opened in 1908.[3]


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